About us

Langeberg Brokerage History so far

Langeberg Brokers has existed since 2007, but Laurika Engelbrecht, originally from Gauteng, owner and operator of her own brokerage for many years, finally joined our ranks as managing partner in 2015. Along with Stefan van Vuuren as Key Individual and Esme Belling as representative, the company has grown from strength to strength over the period since Laurika joined our ranks. With a vision for the future we specialize primarily in short term insurance.

How we grow and the road ahead

Here at Langeberg Brokers we believe that growing through word of mouth, referral business and plain old common sense, still remains the best way. We are eager to do business, refuse to do the hard sell and rather focus our attention on excellent service, competitive rates and always a value for money proposition for our clients. This ethos is why we grow, why we forge ahead even in difficult times and why we can rely on the loyalty of our customers. Feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote today.

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